DJ / Producer

An active electronic musician and producer in the Ypsilanti area, Scüter is available for parties, festivals, weddings and shows

Video Production

Available for directing music videos, editing, motion graphics and animation

Handmade Jewelry

Available for customs, special orders, and more! Click the link below to check out my instagram gallery of work. Feel free to DM if you're interested!

About the artist

Tim Martin is an artist based out of Southeastern Michigan. He has backgrounds deeply rooted in animations and electronic music.

Chances are you just met in passing, you found a Scuter.Org business card and wanted to know more. This is where you can find all the right links to the creative work of Tim Martin, wether it be videos, music, or visual art.



Make a Payment...

Looking for a paypal link? this button will redirect you right to the payment page if you have recent business with Scüter.Org

Demo Reel

This is a direct link to my most recent demo reel for video production/animation

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